YOHOHO is the creative studio, the oneiric lab, the virus that contaminates the world of communication with art and literature.

Freddy Energy
Film, Art Direction, Social Content

The new video for the Freddy Energy Pants unleashes the inner energy of Olympic champion Alessia Maurelli.

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WRUP: Fighters
Film, Claim, Storytelling, Social Content

The film for WRUP, the brand of the world’s most famous push-up pants, enhances femininity in all its forms and takes us in its multifaceted universe.

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WRUP: We Two
Film, Art Direction, Copywriting, Social Content

The campaign for the new eco-friendly WRUP line celebrates Nature by drawing inspiration from the great American poet Walt Whitman.

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Crash Baggage
Art Direction, Claim, Storytelling, Social Content

We invented the Crash Stories for those who don’t let unexpected obstacles overcome them and live memorable adventures. Have a nice trip with Crash Baggage.

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Lamborghini URUS
Film, Print, Social Content, Catalog

In our film, Urus is not the umpteenth dark and aggressive testosterone-fueled Lamborghini, but rather a symbol of those who make impossible enterprises possible.

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Art Direction, Video, Social Content, Print

The campaign for DoDo that we created to help the iconic brand of the Pomellato Group target the new generations.

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Freddy: The Art Of Movement
Film, Art Direction, Storytelling, Social Content

In this film-manifesto Freddy communicates for the first time what really matters in sports: not breaking records, but rather making art through movement.

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Move your mind
Art Direction, Storytelling, Social Content

Freddy designed this collection for yoga. The claim Move your mind that we created for its launch is a wish for everyone to delve into their inner world, be it dreamlike, metaphysical, or surreal.

Freddy: Energy Pants
Film, Art Direction, Social Content

With the film The Energy Inside and an adrenaline-fueled performance by Alessia Maurelli, we launch the new line by Freddy designed to reawaken the inner energy of every athlete.

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Laolu NYC x Freddy
Film, Art Direction, Social Content

The collaboration between Laolu Senbanjo and Freddy becomes a performance where the artist’s expressive power combines with the poetics of the art of movement.

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