When we founded YOHOHO back in 2017, we were the creative outliers, the anarchists with no structure, the pioneers of a foolish utopia.

But we didn’t just want to open a creative studio that was different from any other agency. We wanted to set up a full-fledged group, create wonderful logos, ads, and websites, and collaborate with the world’s greatest talents. And above all, we wanted to contaminate every project with the virus of art and literature. Finding our own style. That’s how, over the years, we have launched on the market new brands, technological patents, and fashion lines. But also, super-fast cars, dented luggage, and iconic jewelry.

We have designed editorial plans, poetic videos, surreal scenarios, and entertainment formats with Olympic athletes. We have invented crazy stories, visual identities, and campaigns with international corporations, state-owned companies, young entrepreneurs, contemporary artists, and museums. We have been doing—and will continue to do—all of this our way: by disrupting communication patterns, by putting aesthetics first, and by testing the power of provocation.

For any brand and project, we always devise an explosive strategy based on which we build a path with our clients.

1. Creative strategy

We analyze the brand, the reference market, and the competitors. We set goals and we find a disruptive idea.

Scenario analysis
Communication strategy
Brand positioning
Creative idea

2. Branding

We reinvent or create the brand identity from scratch, developing all the elements necessary to release the potential of its verbal and visual communication.

Visual Identity
Art Direction
Template design
Graphic assets

3. Storytelling

We choose the best media outlets to tell the brand story. Then, we invent and produce content that make the audience think: “That’s cool!”.

Social editorial plans
Branded content

4. Website

We like to design and develop websites after devising the most effective creative strategy. So that every communication element is perfectly consistent.

Website architecture
Web Design
Visual and textual content
Web development

We have worked with:
Netflix, Luxottica, Freddy, Crash Baggage, Pomellato, Lamborghini, Ferrovie dello Stato, Generali Group, EPIK, Unicollege, Lampoo


Fabio Bottiroli
Account Director

Andrea Fagiolari
Creative Director

Luca Capece

Vittorio Perotti
Creative Director

Andrea Serrani
Head of Web Development

Luca Fontana
Design Director