YOHOHO is the creative studio, the oneiric lab, the virus that contaminates the world of communication with art and literature.

Logo, Claim, Art Direction, 3D Animation, Web Design

We launched Lunar. It has the space-like style of great space missions and it’s the quietest wheel in the universe.

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Reframe Studio
Logo, Visual Identity, Web Design, Design Assets

We designed the new visual identity of the video production company Reframe. It takes inspiration from editing programs, constantly changing shape.

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Pulled Porn
Naming, Logo, Visual Identity, Design Assets

Il nome, il logo e la visual identity che abbiamo pensato per il lancio del fast food milanese dove ogni pulled è un’esperienza da orgasmo: Pulled Porn.

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Creative Strategy, Logo, Claim, Visual Identity, Design Assets

With this rebranding we present Wesual: the platform able to fix any issue that comes up in visual content production, signed by the claim Visual Solvers.

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Logo, Visual Identity, Design Assets, Art Direction

Our rebranding for Freddy, the brand of the Art of Movement that enters the new millennium and releases its full communication potential.

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Creative Strategy, Logo, Visual Identity, Web Design

A spectacular branding and a website that recalls TV series streaming platforms for EPIK, a brand entertainment agency.

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Ferrovie dello Stato – In Corso
Creative Strategy, Logo, Claim, Visual Identity, Template

Our claim L’Italia del futuro è in corso and our visual identity show the stages of the project carried out by Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane to modernize its infrastructure.

Logo, Visual Identity, Web Design

The new image of Offdigit: not only a software house, but also a container of constantly evolving projects whose symbol is the letter O of the new logo.

Rosso Film
Logo, Visual Identity, Web Design, UI / UX, Web Development

The logo we designed for the film production company ROSSO is an eyehole through which new worlds can be imagined.

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Logo, Claim, Visual Identity

We repositioned Ermes using the claim Glassdreamers: it’s a dreamlike rebranding, where the logo hints at Murano’s visionary craft installations created by the brand.

Naming, Logo, Claim, Visual Identity, UI / UX, Web Development

We launched an engineering consulting holding company with the boldest, most authoritative, and most absurd name you’ve ever heard. Here’s Capoha.

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Graphene Films
Logo, Visual Identity, Art Direction

The rebranding of Graphene Films clearly communicates its mission: keeping its finger on the pulse of reality to capture new trends, new authors, and new ideas.

Oasis Festival
Logo, Visual Identity, Art Direction

Here’s the new logo for Marrakech Oasis Festival, a music benchmark for the whole of North Africa. It represents the setting sun, but also the sunrise after a crazy night out.


A lineup of the best logos we have designed for our clients: from Silicon Valley startups to large international corporations, from B2B holding companies to the projects of the bravest entrepreneurs.