YOHOHO is the creative studio, the oneiric lab, the virus that contaminates the world of communication with art and literature.

Rosso Film
Logo, Visual Identity, Web Design, UI / UX, Web Development

The logo we designed for the film production company ROSSO is an eyehole through which new worlds can be imagined.

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Logo, Claim, Art Direction, 3D Animation, Web Design

We launched Lunar. It has the space-like style of great space missions and it’s the quietest wheel in the universe.

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Creative Strategy, Logo, Visual Identity, Web Design

A spectacular branding and a website that recalls TV series streaming platforms for EPIK, a brand entertainment agency.

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UI / UX, Web Design, Web Development

A modular website for Ditroit motion studio, designed to enhance the many wonderful images they have to show.

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Logo, Web Design, UI / UX, Web Development

Through a simple yet dynamic image, we showcased Aqer as the platform where influencers and brands collaborate in the smartest way.

Naming, Logo, Claim, Visual Identity, UI / UX, Web Development

We launched an engineering consulting holding company with the boldest, most authoritative, and most absurd name you’ve ever heard. Here’s Capoha.

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Naming, Logo, Visual Identity, UI / UX, Web Development

We built the image of Topkapi, brand of the silk district of Como, by modernizing its historic values: Italianness, elegance, and minimalism.