Dodo is a jewelry brand from the Pomellato Group that became famous in the ‘90s for the narrative spirit of its talking charms. The company needed an ad campaign to reposition itself on a form of storytelling that could be suitable for a younger audience and above all attract the new generations. And we did our best to create an ironic and disruptive imaginary reality, able to break with the past while keeping the souls of DoDo jewels untouched.

We also developed a funnier and more colorful art direction to tell humorous stories.

The mosaic-like layout that draws inspiration from the language of social media showcases tiny jewels within the narrative framework.

We stressed the peculiarity of DoDo jewels: their ability to express the wearer’s character and history in the most intimate and personal way.



Beyond The Line + YOHOHO

Vittorio Perotti
Creative Direction

Pierpaolo Ferrari

Elisa Zaccanti

Indias Lavers
Giulia Venturini
Mattia Schinco

Luciano Marchetti
Video Art Director

Caterina Viganò

Davide Canepa
Digital Copywriter

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