Lamborghini URUS

Lamborghini is a world-famous manufacturer of super sports cars. After we won the contract, the company based in Sant’Agata Bolognese asked us to create an integrated campaign to launch Urus, the first Super SUV in the world. For it, we used an innovative form of storytelling consistent with the company history and values. We thus repositioned Lamborghini as the ultimate challenger brand, communicating its pioneering approach, its ability to break the rules of the past, its vocation in making something supposedly impossible possible.

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In our film, Urus is not the umpteenth dark and aggressive testosterone-fueled Lamborghini, but rather a symbol of those who make impossible enterprises possible.

We used the same campaign format on social media, in the launch event, on the Urus website, and in dealerships, helping Lamborghini achieve its sales targets.

The success of the claim Since we made it possible was such that Lamborghini wrote it in block letters on its 4.0 factory.



Beyond The Line + YOHOHO

Vittorio Perotti
Art Direction

Andrea Fagiolari

Karen Film
Production Agency

Alberto Colombo

Francesco Fantini

Charles Deenen
Sound Design

Diego Indraccolo

Post Production

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