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Client: Lampoo is a buy-and-sell service for luxury secondhand fashion, dedicated to those who love fashion and care about the future of the planet.

Challenge: Develop a brand identity and brand storytelling capable of presenting a simple and innovative service in the world of luxury secondhand, and create a strong sense of belonging around fashion lovers’ shared values.

Strategy: Our brand identity and launch campaign are based on target customer values. That is, love for fashion and for the planet, summarized in the payoff “Fashion with a Future”. Contrary to fast fashion, in fact, Lampoo wants to create a community that wears timeless high-quality style and which contributes to a more sustainable future.

Creative Direction: Andrea Fagiolari, Vittorio Perotti
Design Direction: Luca Fontana
Art Direction: Davide Di Gennaro
Copywriting: Luca Capece
Photography: Bekka Gunther