Freddy We Are Fighters

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Client: Freddy is the Italian brand that makes clothes for people who see body movements as an art capable of touching.

Challenge: Revolutionize public awareness of Wr.Up, hero-product of lifestyle collection, with an advertising campaign that creates a strong sense of belonging amongst the female public.

Strategy: Patented by Freddy, Wr.Up are women’s trousers that perfectly adapt themselves to the body’s shape, enhancing it in a natural way. Since its launch, Wr.Up has become one of the most well-loved items of our target customers. We decided to radically change the way we have been advertising Wr.Up, bringing the brand to its next brave step: Wr.Up are no longer presented as just trousers that enhance female curves – hips and bottom – but that highlight an entire femininity, in all its aspects. Through our ad for social networks, we present a universe of cultures, identities, beauty, and passion in constant simmering, where fashion stylists, athletes, boxers, photographers, business managers, clubbers and models bond together in self-expression that goes beyond the ties of a stereotyped and sexist society that continues to exist. Today these women are proud to be able to freely live their own femininity through Freddy, with the shout “Proud to be the woman I am”.

Client: Freddy
Agency: YOHOHO
Creative Directors: Andrea Fagiolari, Vittorio Perotti
Copywriter: Luca Capece
Account and Producer: Martina Abbado

Production: Trees Home, LAND HO, YOHOHO

Production company in Milan: Trees Home
Directors: Daniel Bedusa, Danilo Bubani
DOP: Stefano Usberghi
Steadycam Operator: Armando Avallone / Stylist: Allison Fullin / MUA: Serena Congiu / Set Designer: Isotta Santus / Set photographer: Bekka Gunther / Executive producer: Chiara Grandi / Producer: Fabiana Maria Lavezzi

Production in New York: YOHOHO, LAND HO
Directors: Vittorio Perotti, Daniel Bedusa
DOP: Andrea Gavazzi

Editing: Trees Home
Color correction: Daniel Pallucca
Music and Sound Design: Karma audio

Models (alphabetical order): Samantha Anelli, Giulia Boscolo, Silvia Clo Di Gregorio, Sabrina Costantini, Agnese Emiliozzi, Lucrezia Faone, Allison Fullin, India Guanzini, Bekka Gunther, Perla Hidalgo, Fatima Koanda, Diva Caridad Martinez, Thais Montessori Brandao, Naomi Oke, Paula Tape.