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Client: Ermes is a company creating glass art installations by using traditional Venetian craft techniques in an innovative way.

Challenge: Creating a forward-looking brand identity that can express elegance, luxury and craftsmanship in a new way, without using the serif fonts, the curlicues and the mawkish allusions Made in Italy overuses.

Strategy: We positioned the brand in an area including the world of imagination, of the future and of infinite possibilities. We signed off this strategic concept with the payoff: “Glassdreamers”. We turned Ermes into a company that can give shape to the dreams of its customers through the glass. We created a logo that is a metaphor for all of this, conveying different ways of understanding the brand name, which lets the reader’s imagination roam free. We developed a corporate image where the serious, elegant, and modern graphic frame focuses on raw glass beads.

Copywriting & Creative Strategy: Andrea Fagiolari
Graphic Design: Luca Fontana