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Client: Aqer is a ground-breaking video content platform where influencers and brands can create advertising campaigns together.

Challenge: Find a payoff aiming at clarifying the role of its services, restyle Aqer’s brand logo and reshape its website, by communicating its futuristic character, the benefits and the ease for content creators and researchers to establish new partnerships.

Strategy: We centred all communication around the word “smart”, because of its twin-track meaning: smart as the way influencers and brands work together, and smart as the technologies which Aqer platform is based on, Blockchain and AI. To match the brand, we chose the payoff “the content smarketplace”, identifying a place where the two targets benefit from several unprecedented competitive advantages, such as performance indicators to find top influencers and the lowest transaction fees on the video content market. We brushed up Aqer’s old logo choosing an avant-garde appeal. Here the A in the logo is suggestive of an arrow directed towards growth. We designed a website that was consistent with this promise, developing a futuristic design, enhanced by a dynamic navigation that is tilted towards content, and modern blocks of solid colours to meet the tastes of influencers and creative companies. We developed a language and a visual identity consistent with the principles of simplicity and dynamism, which will now transform Aqer in the perfect meeting place where influencers and brands can forge new smart partnerships.


Creative Strategy & Copywriting: Andrea Fagiolari, Luca Capece
Graphic Design: Luca Fontana
Web Development: Andrea Serrani
SEO: Tommaso Moretti