Laolu NYC x Freddy

# creative direction
# production

Client: Freddy is the Italian brand that makes clothes for all athletes worldwide who see body movements as an art capable of touching.

Challenge: Launching the new Freddy collection designed in collaboration with the artist Laolu “NYC” Senbanjo, while expressing the artistic value and the visual impact of the garment items.

Strategy: We decided to make this campaign became an artistic performance itself. We asked Laolu Senbanjo to paint the body of a dancer with the same technique used for Freddy tracksuits and we asked the dancer to perform to return the atmosphere and the artist’s flashes of inspiration. The videos we shot show the spectacle of this performance, explore Laolu Senbanjo’s poetics and communicate authentically, with a strong emotional impact, the artistic collaboration that gave rise to this new Freddy collection.

Direction: Vittorio Perotti and José Andrés Cardona
Dancer: Yannick Lebrun
Art and Body Painting: Laolu Senbanjo
Music: Francesco Fantini