Lamborghini URUS

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Client: Lamborghini is an Italian brand producing world-famous super sports car and based in Sant’Agata Bolognese.

Challenge: Creating an integrated campaign for the launch of Lamborghini Urus, the first Super SUV in the world, using an innovative storytelling that is consistent to Lamborghini’s history and values​.

Strategy: We positioned Lamborghini as the challenger brand par excellence. We communicated its pioneering approach, its ability to break the rules of the past, its vocation in making possible what was allegedly impossible. And we did so by describing the company’s history on social networks and on the website through its innovations revolutionising the automotive industry. On December 4th, the commercial featuring Urus as the last great challenge of Lamborghini was released. The first Super SUV is no longer impossible #SINCEWEMADEITPOSSIBLE.

Agency: Beyond the line
Art Direction: Vittorio Perotti
Strategy + Copywriting: Andrea Fagiolari
Production Agency: Karen Film
Director: Alberto Colombo
Music: Francesco Fantini
Sound Design: Charles Deenen
Photography: Diego Indraccolo
Post Production: EDI