Freddy: The Art Of Movement

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# commercial
# creative strategy

Client: Freddy is the Italian brand that makes clothes for all athletes worldwide who see body movements as an art capable of touching.

Challenge: Reaffirming Freddy’s creative positioning of “The art of movement” through a manifesto movie capable of emotionally moving the target.

Strategy: We decided to make Freddy speak for the first time in its history. We gave it a female voice, distant from all adrenaline-pumping macho stereotypes of sports, that can fully express the brand’s innermost and artistic thought. We created a clip that is both a manifesto and a call to arms for all sportsmen and sportswomen who recognise themselves in the “art of movement”. Today, Freddy becomes the first sports apparel brand capable of expressing the mysterious and irrational attraction that captivates billions of fans of the greatest athletes in the world, which is not linked to the ability to win a medal, break a record or go beyond a limit, but to make art through body movement.

→ Italian version

Creative Direction: Andrea Fagiolari, Vittorio Perotti
Copywriting: Luca Capece
Production company: Olympique Films and Talents
Directors: Di•Al
DoP: Diego Indraccolo
Athletes/Artists: Lara Mori, Lia Kemendi, Stefano Rei Ferrari, Alessandro Milion, Alba Muzzarelli, Andrea Valtorta
Editor: Matteo Motzo
Colorist: Diego La Rosa
Music: Sarah Einsenfiz
Audio post production: Eccetera
Set designer: Amos Caparrotta