Freddy Energy Pants

# advertising
# art direction

Client: Freddy is the Italian brand worn by athletes all over the world who see the movement of their bodies as an inspiring art form.

Challenge: To create a launch campaign that conveys, in the most captivating way possible, the sensation of wearing the revolutionary Energy Pants, whose aluminum hemispheres placed according to the body’s meridians provide the athlete with a greater sense of energy, lightness, and harmony.

Strategy: Inner energy is unquestionably our commercial’s lead. We portrayed it using the metaphor of a 3D avatar made of bright energetic currents that recreates the movements of Olympic champion Alessia Maurelli. This gives way to a poetic performance in which magic and reality alternate with adrenaline-pumping rhythm. To support the launch, we created a series of digital content including the campaign’s landing page and the social media editorial calendar, all of which helped Freddy to achieve its greatest success in recent years.

Agency: YOHOHO
Creative direction: Vittorio Perotti, Andrea Fagiolari

Athlete/Artist: Alessia Maurelli
CDP: Basement HQ
Executive producer: Francesco Crespi
Production team: Valeria Spilotro, Claudia Decaro, Alice Bergamin
Regia & Art-Direction: Moreno De Turco
Dop: Alessandro Ubaldi
Editor: Filippo Patelli
Color correction: Daniel Palluca
VFX: Antonio Cottone
Original Soundtrack: Marco De Turco