DoDo Jewelry

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Client: Dodo belongs to Pomellato Group and is a jewellery brand known worldwide for the narrative spirit of its “talking charms”.

Challenge: Creating an advertising campaign so as to highlight the value of genuineness of the brand, with a mischievous style and storytelling suitable for younger audience.

Strategy: We developed a new, funnier and more colourful brand identity that is suited for telling authentic, modern, and humorous stories. We created a mosaic-like layout that draws inspiration from the language of social networks in order to highlight tiny jewels within the narrative framework. We created a strong and highly emotional art direction that clearly breaks with the communication standards of this segment. We gave each subject a distinctive trait in the shooting, thus stressing the peculiarity of Dodo jewels: the ability to express the wearer’s character and history in the most intimate and personal way.

Agency: Beyond The Line
Art director: Vittorio Perotti
Photographer: Pierpaolo Ferrari
Stylist: Elisa Zaccanti
Video Art Director: Luciano Marchetti
Videomaker: Caterina Viganò
Models: Indias Lavers, Giulia Venturini, Mattia Schinco
Digital Copywriter: Davide Canepa