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Client: CAPOHA is a leading engineering services holding company with a team of professionals who design the digital transformation of companies. 

Challenge: Find a name and brand identity that are disruptive and at the same time representative both of the multitude of engineering tasks and of the activity of holding companies. Develop a website with impact, coherent to the structure of CAPOHA’s identity.

Strategy: We chose the name of the holding company by pursuing two audacious objectives: firstly, a sharp differentiation from our competitors, who traditionally employ tech terminology in their brand names, and secondly by appearing aspirational in the eyes of our young candidates. We named the company CAPOHA, as a metaphor for rapid response to unavoidable new challenges, from the conception of a project to its fulfilment. CAPOHA comes from an Italian phrase which famously appears in Dante’s The Divine Comedy “Capo ha cosa fatta” (also ‘Cosa fatta capo ha’), which means, ‘What is done, is done’ with implicit reference to new beginnings. This semantic choice conveys an innovative pragmatic strength which doesn’t bow to conditions. We have developed a bold typography that adds strength to the tone of the words. The visual identity of the logo has been conceived around the full-stop: an ambivalent sign which marks the end of a process – and a project – but which lives on in other assets of communication, such as the website. Today more than ever, our solid and impressive identity has established CAPOHA in a prominent role in the field of multidisciplinary engineering for the digital transformation of companies.

Creative Director: Andrea Fagiolari
Designer: Luca Fontana
Copywriter: Luca Capece
Web Developer: Andrea Serrani