Freddy Energy Look

#art direction

CLIENT: Freddy is the Italian brand worn by athletes all over the world who intend for the movement of their bodies to be an inspiring form of art.

TASK: To create a new chapter for “The energy inside” campaign for the Freddy Energy line, which, following the success of the Energy Pants, now includes a top and shoes that give athletes a greater feeling of energy, lightness and harmony.

STRATEGY: Internal energy once again plays the lead role in the new Freddy ad, together with Olympic champion Alessia Maurelli. The famous gymnast gives an artistic performance against the backdrop of a circular installation of bright LEDs that light up according to her movements, in order to visually demonstrate all the energy and poetry within her body. In addition to the film, the campaign includes all the contents of the editorial plan on Freddy’s social media channels and shots of the press campaign.

Agency: YOHOHO
Creative Direction: Vittorio Perotti, Andrea Fagiolari
Copywriter: Luca Capece
Account Director: Fabio Bottiroli
Talent: Alessia Maurelli
CDP: d’Aria
Producer: Sara Barbara
Design studio: FullScream
Director: Ced Pakusevskiy
Art director: Elisabetta Giovi
DP: Andrea Dutto
Set designer: Davide Ladini
Music and sound design: Crossfade
Color grading: Orash Rahnema