Crash Baggage

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# art direction
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Client: Crash Baggage is the Venice-based brand that is internationally renowned for creating travel items that are thoroughly dented with care.

Challenge: To turn Crash Baggage into a brand icon for those who embark on every trip of their lives as though it’s an adventure to experience without restriction, inhibition, or worry.

Strategy: People plan every single detail of their travels because they want to avoid the unexpected. But Crash understands that the wildest and most memorable stories come only from the unexpected. The new payoff, “Crash Stories”, recounts the adventures of those who let the unexpected happen to them when they travel and positions the brand as the icon of this attitude. The launch campaign visuals create nonsensical and amusing imagery that force the audience to ask themselves “What on earth happened? What incredible adventures did the protagonist experience with their Crash Baggage?”

#CrashStories might make loads of sense. Or none whatsoever. Have a nice trip!

Agency: YOHOHO
Creative Directors: Andrea Fagiolari, Vittorio Perotti
Copywriter: Luca Capece
Account Director: Fabio Bottiroli

Photography, Direction, Set Design: Mathery
DP collaborator: Sirio Vanelli
Stylist: Francesca&Rafaela
Hair & Make Up: Serena Congiu & Danilo Spacca
Models: Arianna Panieri, Chiara Long, Giorgia Andreazza, Simone Paradiso, Riccardo, Lin Lin
Post production: B612 Studio

Digital Analyst: Tommaso Moretti
Social Media Specialist: Federico Scuderi