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Client: Unicollege is a private university of linguistic mediation based in Milan, Florence and Mantua.

Challenge: Creating an innovative brand identity, going beyond the bureaucratic, old-fashioned language typical of academia, and turning Unicollege into a modern and aspirational university.

Strategy: Clarity and simplicity. These are the two key principles we have followed to develop a graphic system that is opposed to other universities’ austere layouts, and a speaking style that sweeps away the rusty and indecipherable academic vocabulary. We created the logo concept giving the colourful glyphs the function of communicating positivity and sense of belonging to the youth, while letting the payoff ensure the school authority and express confidence about the professional future of its students.

Copywriting & Creative Strategy: Luca Capece, Andrea Fagiolari
Art Direction & Graphic Design: Luca Fontana, Vittorio Perotti
Web Developing: Andrea Serrani
Web Design: Walter Santomauro
SEO: Tommaso Moretti