We are YOHOHO.
Creatives for the brave.


We are YOHOHO, a pirate studio including creative freelancers only. We are aggressive creatives. Our specialty is dealing with those branding, advertising, and digital projects that require innovation, experimentation and the highest possible quality. And we do so through a fluid organization, which empowers us to create a direct relationship with our clients and to build up a team that is specially made for their ambitions. Our office is the whole world: we work in Milan as well as in New York. Wherever there’s a need for our creative bravery.


We want to face heroic challenges, demanding ventures, supposedly impossible missions. Courage, nerve, and revolution are key elements of our creativity. We wage war on the traditional communication patterns, the demeaning primacy of logic over aesthetics, the idiotic slogans written in advertising jargon. Any project that does not have innovative features can’t have a future. We believe the only beauty possible lies in the revolutionary strategy, in the visionary approach, in the surreal provocation. And our name itself is a pirate song to scream out loud while setting out for a new, daring and glorious adventure. We are YOHOHO. Creatives for the brave.


Creative Strategy
Brand & Corporate Identity
Art Direction & Copywriting
Logo Design & Naming
Graphic Design
Web Design & Development
Social Media Guidelines & Campaigns
Film & Video