We are pirate creatives from all over the world united under the same flag. We work simultaneously from Milan, New York and Venice. We are proud to introduce you the YOHOHO crew.

Luca Capece


Capece’s career started off with a title for a well-known brand which advertised diapers for baby boys then. He wrote: “The only way to change a man.”

At that time, he was little more than a twenty-year-old guy, and the evidence he gave of his sensibility, openness and self-irony raised to the umpteenth degree towards a whole gender, represented the springboard to his career; it also gave him a bad name. It cost him a nickname making fun of his virility, of his studded leather jacket and of his punk Mohawk, which today no one miraculously recalls.

This rebel anarchist, who since his early age has been making up bloody stories and has been fond of borderline characters – to say the least –, in the daytime is a polite and kind businessman on the verge of the surreal. In the daytime, he is a writer endowed with a faultless logic and precise use of adjectives. In short, in the daytime, he is the person who we unanimously appointed as the captain of the Copywriters in YOHOHO. I mean, in the daytime, because whoever meets him for the first time after two in the morning asks the same question: why the hell isn’t he a rock star?

Experience: BBDO Milan, McCann Milan

Selected clients: Coca Cola, Freddy, My Art Guides, Philadelphia, Wall Street English, Ariston, Purina, La Cucina Italiana, M&M’s, Rolling Stone Magazine

Andrea Fagiolari

Creative Director

Do you know someone being the proud owner of a tie rack in 2017? And someone having a pole to hoist flags too? And someone strolling about with a walking stick with a hidden blade? Try to put together the three unusual characters above and still, you won’t know Andrea Fagiolari.

Just watching him dressed like this, all dressed up, in suit and hat, you would never tell he hangs out at Rock’n’Roll in Milan. Dancing, damp with sweat from shirt to loafers. Mr. Fagiolari turns out to be partial to epic, to deeds. And if they are intrinsically disastrous, never mind. Indeed. Struggling to make possible what is supposedly impossible is his badge of honor.

Someone said Fagiolari is an infinitive verb. He was a poète maudit, before being the youngest city councilman of Perugia in living memory; the author of a book promoted as “a smear to the glory of literature”, before issuing a satirical magazine. Today he is both a creative director and a publishing house director: he aims at bringing the classics back to the native land of Moccia. He had the idea of setting YOHOHO up, of course. And the fact he has not embarked on other ventures in the meanwhile bodes well.

Experience: BBDO Milan, DDB Milan, Apart Collective, Fagiolari Bottega Editrice

Selected clients: Ray-Ban, Netflix, MTV, Carrera, Lamborghini, Freddy, Rolling Stone Magazine, UBI Banca, FPM

Luca Fontana

Design Director

Flicking through a long list of logos he drew, you could tell Fontana has a natural talent for synthesis, but it is wrong. To him, Synthesis is an obsession, or rather a feverish need to bring order to his life and his personality, which, unlike his works, are a real mess.

He was born as a troublemaker in the most peaceful town in the province of Belluno, he became a model student in the most screwy design school in Milan. Wanting to become an art director, he came out a graphic designer. Dreaming of the rural quiet, he moved to Berlin. And, in the end, right when he decided to work on his own, with no pain in the neck or human beings around, he set YOHOHO up to become the captain of the Graphic Designers.

That day, after commending some technological innovations, in his opinion, no one could create without, he lifted up a pencil and hastily sketched two lines on the wrinkled paper of a utility bill. Two lines tracing a circle around a Y.

Experience: AKQA, DUDE, We Are Social, Soundcloud, BBDO Milan, Apart Collective

Selected clients: Luxottica, Wall Street English, Carrera, RTL 102.5, Soundcloud, Freddy, Rolling Stone Magazine, UBI Banca, Pramerica, FCA, Birra Vetra, RINA (Registro Italiano Navale)

Vittorio Perotti

Creative Director

The first night in Fes, Morocco, Perotti entered the yard of a riad to drink a thing. The riad was empty and the last lamp lighting up the yard burnt out. Then, a guy walked in and sat by his side. After 30 minutes, they swapped phone numbers, mutually promised to give hospitality, hoped not to lose touch.

The fact is, Perotti is the living proof of serendipity. When he left for Erasmus program wearing a Ramones T-shirt, he would have never guessed to fall in love with advertising, design, and to work as an Art Director for the major companies of the West.  When he set his mind on re-designing all the emojis in the world in flat style, he would have never guessed to end up being in New York and signing a New York Times cover.

Because for Vittorio, the possibility of discovering something by chance is nearly a certainty and sometimes, a short encounter in Morroco may turn into a new business opportunity. And sometimes the man from the Riad in Fes forgets to mention being an international drug dealer.

Experience: Apple Inc., Exposure, Rosie Lee NYC, Sagmeister & Walsh, Apart Collective, BBDO Milan and Rome

Selected clients: Nike, Apple, Adidas, Converse, Ray-Ban, New York Times, Netflix, Gatorade, Lamborghini, Mercedes-benz, Timex, Diageo, Freddy, Golden Lady, Dodo, Rai

Andrea Serrani

Head of Web Development

Serrani’s career started off when he was 12, when he developed his first website. No one never understood if he got his degree in IT engineering before or after that date. Since then, however, information about him has been kind of myth.

This is due to the fact that, being unable to communicate with the world, he learned the following languages: PHP, C++, Assembly, Java, VB, Ruby, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Objective C and Python. No one knows exactly how many IOS apps he developed, but some swear the websites total more than 300. No one knows his traits either, actually.

Any other enfant prodige in his place would have moved to New York. He hadn’t done that. It appears that he lives somewhere a few kilometers from Venice, and he communicates with the outside world only by Skype (and cam switched off). When the YOHOHO crew asked him to become the captain of the Web Developers, he answered back after 12 hours. The time he needed to develop this website.

Experience: Apart Collective, Auge HQ, Think Work Observe, Dallas, La Tigre, CCRZ, Juma, Tankboys

Selected clients: Retrosuperfuture, Biennale di Venezia, Generali Group, Ermenegildo Zegna, Istituto Svizzero, Krizia, Tacchini, Carlo Cracco, Bologna Fiere, SUN68, Regione Veneto