Freddy WR.UP®in: Colors

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# commercial
# creative strategy

Client: Freddy is the Italian brand that makes clothes for all athletes worldwide who see body movements as an art capable of touching.

Challenge: Creating an ad campaign for the launch of the new collection of chenille tracksuits WR.UP®in; enhancing the tissue colours; conveying both the casual and athletic characters of garments, without overlooking Freddy’s creative positioning of “The art of movement”.

Strategy: We added a touch of magic to WR.UP®in chenille suits by Freddy, giving the girls wearing them the power to make art through their body movements. Literally. So we filmed the performance of four dancers who draw paint strokes in the air while dancing. We choose this solution to tell a story that is set in a metaphorical, abstract, and surreal backdrop that is characterised only by the colours of Freddy suits and the paint strokes drawn in the dance. Today, WR.UP®in is an iconic and aspirational collection which conveys a clear positioning that distinguishes it from all the competitors’ clothing lines.

Creative Direction: Andrea Fagiolari, Vittorio Perotti
Direction and Art Direction: Moreno De Turco
Producer: Valentina Baggio
Production Agency: Cosmo Cine
Cinematography: Bernardo Negri
Dancers: Thainá Santos, Sabrina Vaz, Victórya Devin, Mariana Yoshida
VFX: Exchanges