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# logo design
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Client: Topkapi is a well-known brand based in Como that has produced high-quality fashion accessories aimed at B2B customers worldwide for more than 30 years.

Challenge: Renaming, creating a new brand image and developing a new website for Topkapi, which can convey the high-quality craftsmanship standards of its fashion accessories and make it clearly stand out from international competitors thanks to an innovative strategy.

Strategy: We focused on clarity and simplicity: its visual identity is built around a tissue thread, which becomes a metaphor for these values. We gave Filanti a new brand name starting from the Italian word “filo” (thread, yarn). The logo design began by curving the “F” centreline as if it were a weft thread. We created a pattern starting from the idea of ​​a loose end of a wool ball that turns into a narrative element on the website. We designed the threadlike metal structures for the pictures of foulards, ties and scarves by Filanti with extreme expressive consistency, and we developed a language and a website that made Filanti become the first smart brand in the international market of B2B fashion accessories.


Creative Strategy & Copywriting: Andrea Fagiolari
Graphic Design: Luca Fontana
Web Design: Andrea Serrani
SEO: Tommaso Moretti
Art Direction: Vittorio Perotti, Davide Di Gennaro
Photography: Francesco Romeo