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Client: Darwin is an American platform dedicated to the wellness world. Thanks to its site and its app users can track, measure and improve their lifestyle in a health-conscious way.

Challenge: Creating a strong international brand identity, linking the concept of evolution to health intelligence, developing an image that is associated to both wellness and high-tech universe.

Strategy: We built the corporate identity starting from the pictogram: a set of deconstructed circles in the process of definition that symbolises the evolutionary activity on the basis of data analysis. We designed the logo following this principle and we developed it on a basis of round, continuous, and ultra-modern shapes, giving prominence to the concept of ​​a journey to undertake, so as to convey both the high-tech approach and the well-being values. We developed an animation for the pictogram that synthetises this ongoing process. We gave Darwin a pragmatic and factual style with the payoff: “The practice of evolution”.

Copywriting & Creative Strategy: Andrea Fagiolari
Art Direction & Graphic Design: Luca Fontana, Vittorio Perotti