Crash Baggage SS21

#art direction
#creative strategy

CLIENT: Crash Baggage: the Venice-based brand for suitcases and accessories that are throughly and carefully dented.

TASK: Develop a second chapter of #CrashStories through a new campaign that is a continuation of “Have a nice trip”.

STRATEGY: Crash Baggage launches a new campaign created by our team together with the photographers of Mathery Studio. The second chapter of #CrashStories returns to spread the Crash attitude with new characters that further develop the campaign that we launched last year, “Have a nice trip”. But if the goal of that launch was to create the brand image from scratch, this time it is to employ every online and offline sales tool, with an important focus on products for websites and online ads, lookbooks and sales catalogs, points of sale and an editorial plan for social media. Specifically, to showcase the details and features of their backpacks, suitcases, handbags and bottles, without distorting the message that is at the heart of Crash.
The result is a universe of new #CrashStories protagonists: people plastered with smiles, sprinkled with glitter from head to toe on a standard Saturday night, and Mr and Mrs Shadow Puppets on the beach…
They are people who, faced with the obstacles that life throws at them, do not allow themselves to be overcome by the restrictive consequences of an imposed destiny. Instead, they embark on memorable adventures following the broken compass of their instinct. They are all of us, when we abandon logic to let the unexpected happen and experience incredible moments as stories to tell.

Client: Crash Baggage
Agency: YOHOHO
Creative Direction: Andrea Fagiolari, Vittorio Perotti
Copywriting: Luca Capece
Account Direction: Fabio Bottiroli
Photography: Mathery Studio
DP collab: Sirio Vanelli
Stylist: Francesca&Rafaela
Mua: Ginevra Calie and Chiara Vitulo
Hair: Danilo Spacca and Sara Vescia
Carolina Mian @ Fashion Model
Xian Xian @ Wave Management
Fatima, Agata, Andres, Joao, Charles @ URBN
Yarmo, Jia, Ivo, Ichi @ Independent
Carlotta @ POP
Post production: B612 Studio